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The Cuddy Law Firm’s Sonja D. Kerr to Present at COPAA in Philadelphia

Posted on March 3, 2016

IDEA Class Actions is the topic of a presentation by Sonja D. Kerr, Cuddy Law – Austin.

The early predecessor to the IDEA was the result of activists parents and outstanding civil rights lawyers who brought two early class actions, PARC v. Commonwealth and Mills v. District of Columbia, into the courts. Without the IDEA, the legal framework was largely based on the 14th Amendment, especially the due process clause.

Congress recognized this when it passed P.O. 94-142 in the early 1970s and the Supreme Court acknowledged this as well when it heard the first special education case, Board of Education v. Rowley in 1982.

Today, many parents are frustrated as they struggle for appropriate special education services for their students and often want to know why a class action cannot be brought to rectify matters wholesale. The answer is: a class action can be brought.

Stay tuned for more information on how that can happen, or come to COPAA and hear the presentation on Sat., March 12. To learn more about the conference in Philadelphia and to register, go to

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