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Your Child's Right to a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)

Philadelphia Special Needs Children Helped by Cuddy Law Firm

Taking on the School System is Never Easy, But Our Attorneys Can Help You

School districts are no strangers to fighting parents and families in court about what’s best for a child’s education. But school systems aren’t always right about what’s best for your child.

If your child has special needs and you’re worried the school district isn’t providing them with the right education, you have options. But you should know the school district has attorneys of its own that will advocate for the school system’s stance on your child’s education.

But you can fight back – and we can help you. Our attorneys have years of experience taking on school systems from all over the country and ensuring children get the education they’re entitled to and deserve.

If your child isn’t progressing in reading or other areas of education, it may mean that the school system is leaving your child behind. That’s not something you want to happen and we want to help you make sure it doesn’t happen.

Call us to learn how we can ensure your child gets the education they are entitled to by law.

Don’t take on the school system by yourself, call us for help.

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