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    We Can Find the Right Solution for You and Your Child

    All you want to do is to protect your child.

    When your child has a disability, their well-being becomes your driving mission. Your child deserves the best care and education possible, just like any other.

    Federal law states your child is entitled to a free and appropriate public education. They also may qualify for disability benefits. But sometimes, the system goes awry.

    At the Cuddy Law Firm, we intervene to make sure your child gets the education and benefits he or she deserves.

    Our experienced attorneys help ensure your child’s present educational opportunities and their future financial security—even after you’re no longer around to support them.

    We serve families throughout New York state.

    It’s painful to imagine a world in which your child is deprived of the care they need. We help make sure that never happens.

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    Fighting for Your Child’s Education in New York

    Your child has rights when it comes to their education. The law mandates that public schools provide children with disabilities Individual Education Programs (IEP) tailored to their strengths and needs and reviewed periodically for progress or changes.

    Sometimes, however, these IEPs aren’t implemented properly or at all.

    Don’t fight the school system alone. They’ll have lawyers to intimidate you. Get a lawyer for yourself, and make it a fair fight.

    The Cuddy Law Firm puts strength on your side. We know the system. We know your options. We know the law. Our New York lawyers have decades of experience standing up for families and children just like yours.

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    Planning for Your Child’s Future—We Can Help

    It’s stressful enough to ensure your child has the proper care and education day to day. What happens when you aren’t there to help?

    It’s stressful, but fortunately there are ways you can secure your child’s care even after you’re gone. A special needs trust is one tool to make sure your kid has every benefit available for the rest of their life.

    Special needs trusts are planning tools that protect assets you want to leave your child, so the funds don’t count as income and threaten your child’s future access to government benefits, such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

    The compassionate attorneys at the Cuddy Law Firm can help you set up a special needs trust and gain the peace of knowing your child’s needs will be covered.

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