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Why You Need a NY Special Education Lawyer

Special Needs Children helped by Cuddy Law Firm


If you don’t agree with the services and/or program your child’s school district is offering your child with special education needs, you should consider consulting with a special education attorney.

It’s possible you’re unaware of the school district’s responsibilities to your child. You may think the process is intimidating or overwhelming. This is where a special education lawyer may make a huge difference.

By consulting with a special education attorney, you can get a clearer picture as to whether or not the school district is acting within the law as it pertains to your child’s education needs. In addition, many school districts have legal counsel of their own to guide them in making decisions at CSE/IEP meetings. Don’t risk going to one of these key meetings without sufficient support of your own. Contact the Cuddy Law Firm today.

Our team takes great pride in helping families advocate for their children’s special education needs even when the family feels they cannot afford legal representation. We seek to educate you as a parent and inform you on how to best secure an appropriate education for your children.

If you have a child with special needs and you don’t think your child is getting the education he or she deserves, call us immediately.

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