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Special Education Law Training & Workshops

Learn to Help Families of Children with Special Needs

If you’re a doctor or other health care provider, educator, financial planner or any kind of professional who works with families, you’ll probably meet parents struggling to secure the proper special education services for their children.

It can be hard to know how to help.

Every day at the Cuddy Law Firm, our special education attorneys help families across the country get the education services provided for them under the law. And we gladly share our knowledge with other professionals, so you can better advocate for the families you serve.

We provide training, workshops and conference presentations on special needs planning and special education law.

In addition to professional groups, we speak to other attorneys and parent organizations.

If you want to schedule a Cuddy Law Firm attorney to speak to your group, contact one of these team members:

New York

Joseph Sulpizio


Elizabeth Angelone


Adrienne Kirshner

North Carolina

John Cuddy