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Special Needs Planning in Rockland County, NY

Ohio grandparents of special needs boy helped by Cuddy Law Firm

If you’re the parent of a child with special needs, there’s one thing you know for certain: you’ll do everything in your power to provide what they need for as long as you live.

You make sure they have appropriate medical and mental health care, a safe and supportive home, healthy social interactions and nutritious food—with needs like these taken care of, your child can live their best life.

But you’re worried about who will take care of your child when you no longer can.

No two people with special needs are exactly the same. They need different types and varying levels of support. Common types of support include:

  • Help with Medicaid health coverage
  • Help getting proper health care services
  • Finding and affording a place to live
  • Modifying an existing home for someone with disabilities
  • Access to nutritious food
  • Service animals or emotional support animals
  • Support in employment settings
  • Support making financial decisions
  • Access to educational and enrichment activities

For people living in Putnam County, you can find an experienced New York special needs planning lawyer who helps you map out a more secure future for your child.

The Cuddy Law Firm is a team of special needs planning attorneys for families in Putnam County.

If you live anywhere in Putnam, Westchester, Orange or Rockland Counties, or any place in New York State, we can help you make a special needs plan and build stronger supports for your child and family.

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How a Special Needs Planning Lawyer Helps You in Putnam County & Across NY

These are among the things that the Cuddy special needs planning lawyers for Putnam County can do for you:

  • Develop a special needs estate plan to provide for your child’s long-term future. This can include letters of intent, advance directives, wills and more. We will get to know you and your loved one personally, and we will work with you to create the best estate plan for you.
  • Establish a special needs trust to shelter financial resources for your child. These trusts come in different forms. We can help you choose one that’s right for you and your family.
  • Establish a guardianshipto support your adult child with disabilities. New York State has different types of guardianships.
  • Appeal denials of services from the New York State Office of People with Developmental Disabilities OPWDD for your child with developmental disabilities.

You have many decisions to make when you’re planning for the future of a child with special needs.

Working with a special needs planning attorney can help you gain clarity about what options are available to your child—and gain reassurance that you’ve done everything in your power to make sure they are well taken care of for the long term.

The special needs planning lawyers at the Cuddy Law Firm help families navigate these complicated decisions.

From our offices in Westchester County and Auburn, Cayuga County, in the Finger Lakes region, we help people in Putnam County and all over New York.

When you get a plan in place for how your child will be cared for, it lifts a burden and eases your mind.

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Special Needs Planning: You’re Not Alone in Putnam County

One in four U.S. adults—61 million Americans—have a disability that impacts major life activities, according to numbers in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

You’re far from alone in needing to navigate services and supports for people with special needs. And you don’t have to navigate the sometimes overwhelming process of securing your child’s future alone.

If you live in Putnam County or anywhere in the State of New York, the special needs planning lawyers at Cuddy Law Firm are here to help.

Our attorneys have deep knowledge of special needs services and special needs planning law. Some of us face the same kinds of decisions in our own families.

We can help you complete your special needs estate planning, special needs trusts and more, so you can move forward with confidence.

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