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Sandee Winkelman

Sandee Winkelman

Parent and National Advocate

Sandee left her career in the medical field to advocate for her two children who have autism. Her advocacy efforts as a parent caused the U.S. Supreme Court to listen.  The U.S. Supreme Court agreed that parents and their disabled children share the same rights, which allows a parent to challenge the appropriateness of their child’s educational plan in federal court pro se.  Sandee is recognized as a National Advocate.  Sandee travels around the country to speak with parent/attorney groups about her experience. Sandee’s children, Jenna and Jacob, have made significant progress through their mother’s courage and determination to ensure that her children receive the services that are needed to reach their goal in becoming independent members of this society.

Sandee has worked as a national parent trainer/advocate, a volunteer ​parent advisor ​on various advisory boards throughout the community and is a past parent advisor for the Ohio Special Education Advisory Panel/Ohio Department of Education. Sandee is a member of the National Allies for Parents in Special Education (NAPSE).

She currently is a paralegal in the Ohio office, conducting intake meetings with parents, assisting in litigation preparation, and training parents to advocate on behalf of their children with disabilities.

Direct Telephone:

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