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    Special Needs Legal Help for Your Family

    Since 2001, the Cuddy Law Firm has fought for the rights of special needs children across the country. Our special education law firm takes pride in giving comprehensive legal services to the families of those with disabilities.

    If you’re in the Austin area and need help, we’re here for you.

    What we can do for you:

    • Special Education Litigation
    • Guardianship

    Don’t fight your battles alone. Your priority is to give your child the education and future he or she deserves. It’s ours, too.

    Get in touch with us today for a free consultation. We’ll help ease your mind in this time of worry.

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    Your Child’s Right to an Education

    According to federal law, children with disabilities are entitled to a free and appropriate public education. It’s not complicated.

    More specifically, your child should be given an Individualized Education Program (IEP), which is customized to your child’s needs and goals. It’s supposed to be reviewed periodically, too, with adjustments made along the way.

    But often, we see these children receiving little help from teachers and school districts. Sometimes, they’re outright ignored.

    It’s not a situation you want to be in. We can make sure the schools are held accountable.

    At the Cuddy Law firm, we have experience taking on the school systems. We know their tactics and how they can pressure you into quieting your claim. It’s the last thing you should do.

    Don’t let your child’s education be jeopardized.

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    Every Family Deserves Representation

    At the Cuddy Law Firm, we believe all children with special needs deserve an appropriate education.

    We proudly extend that belief to families who need legal representation, too. When your child isn’t getting what they should in school, you deserve proper legal counsel to confront the situation.

    We know that sounds expensive. You might think you can’t afford an attorney. That’s why we work on a sliding fee scale for families with limited incomes.
    We want to ensure that all families—regardless of their financial situations—have access to a lawyer.

    It’s not fair when your child is deprived of the education he or she needs. And it’s not fair if your financial situation prevents you from fighting for your child. It’s a shame when money is the reason a child can’t access the learning opportunities they’re entitled to receive.

    So no matter your economic status, call us today for a review of your case.

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