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Fighting for Children with Disabilities

Get Help Securing the Right Services for Your Students

If you work with special education students, you might know stories like these:

  • A child’s behavior regresses because he or she isn’t getting the appropriate services. Instead of addressing the problem, administrators rely on punishment.
  • The school fails to follow a child’s Individualized Education Program, for months or maybe years.

You don’t have to accept this. You can help your students find a better way.

You know it’s against the law for a public school to deny a child a free and appropriate education.

The Cuddy Law Firm has decades of experience fighting for the rights of children with disabilities.

Give Children Every Chance

For a teacher, it can be frustrating trying to get the best help for children with disabilities. Children with special needs face a daunting maze of regulations.

You care about your students and want to offer them the best chance to thrive. And there is something you can do.

Tell parents about the Cuddy Law Firm. The Cuddy Law Firm pursues every opportunity for children, taking their cases to hearing officers, state review officers and, if necessary, to court.

Who We’ve Helped: Success Stories

A New Chance to Thrive: A school district failed to address the needs of a student with a speech impairment.

The Cuddy Law Firm turned the situation around, winning these improvements:

  • A new individualized education program including counseling and speech therapy
  • Testing accommodations for the child
  • Placement in a general classroom with support from a special education teacher

Restoring Services: A boy with autism was left without a teacher when the school district cut his teacher’s job.

His parents pulled him out of school. The school district refused to help them find a private program. A hearing officer placed all the burden on the parents to find an alternative education setting.

The Cuddy Law Firm argued the case before a state review officer and won. The state ordered the district to restore the services it denied when it fired the teacher.

Our Cleveland Lawyer: Andrew Pappert

When parents discover someone will listen to them and stand up for their child, it fills them with hope.

Attorney Andrew Pappert takes great pride in helping families in need. He gives personal attention to every case because he knows nothing is more personal than the well-being and education of a child.

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